19 December 2019

Image source: Kraken Power GmbH

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification

Kraken Power increased manufacturing capacity through the expansion of a new facility and addition of larger production equipment. In order to meet the ISO 9001:2015 standard, a company must demonstrate adherence to a Quality Management System that outlines good business practices and ensures consistency in providing products and services that meet customer and applicable industry requirements.

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining our position as a world-class provider of deep-sea pressure tolerant encapsulation technology, products and services. The advanced procedures associated with this certification will allow us to operate more efficiently, reach new markets and identify and address upcomming risks.


14 Juni 2018

Image source: WM (Ministry of Economics, Employment and Health)

Minister Harry Glawe visited Kraken Power GmbH with a EU delegation.

On June 14, the Minister of Economics, Employment and Health, Harry Glawe, payed a visit to the region´s flagship, Kraken Power GmbH, with a EU delegation.

Kraken Power GmbH stands for innovation in drive and battery systems for diving robots. Minister Glawe, his staff and a delegation  from Brussels were highly interested in our technology, which was porudly presented by our team.  He also visited our mechanical and electronical workshop and saw our thruster in action. We were able to convince them of our interesting and innovative products.

11 December 2017

Image source: Ludwig Bölkow Technology Prize 2017

Kraken Power GmbH was awarded the renowned Ludwig Bölkow Technology Prize 2017.

On December 11, more than 100 guests participated at the national LUDWIG-BÖLKOW Technology Prize 2017 . The award took place in the Rostock Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the 15th time, where two innovative companies from the fields of marine technology and mechanical engineering were sharing the prize of 10,000 €.

Kraken Power GmbH was awarded for its innovative drive and battery system for diving robots. The pressure-neutral systems can be used at sea depths of up to 6,000 metres. They use a new pressure-body and fluid-free technology for the use of mechanical, electrical and electronic underwater systems (underwater robots). They can be used for research purposes, but also for oil and gas production in the deep sea. The use of elastic materials, which encloses the incompressible components, has led to a significant cost reduction compared to pressure-resistant systems.

29 JUNI 2017

Image source: Inno Award 2017

Kraken Power GmbH was awarded for the second place for „Druckneutrale Systeme (DNS)“ (Pressure Neutral Systems) of the INNO AWARD 2017

On 29 June 2017, for the fifth time, the prizes for the INNO AWARD innovation prize, which was donated for the first time in 2013, were awarded at the Orangery of Schwerin Castle. This year, 24 projects were approved for evaluation by the jury.

The jury decided to award a special prize for IT because a large part of the submitted applications came from the digital environment, such as networking, process and service innovations. Other focal points were innovative product developments and improved production processes.
What is new is that this year’s entries came mainly from existing companies. Approximately a quarter of the remaining applicants are already planning to found a company.