Pressure Tolerant Technologies

Pressure tolerant systems are those which the individual components are embedded in flexible polymers. The assemblies are cast with a special vacuum technology enabling the components to work in a deep-sea environment.

In deep water, undersea systems are exposed to extremely high pressures.  Conventional systems with components housed in pressure chambers are typically large, heavy, and expensive for any depths past a few hundred meters due to the requirements of strength, seal tightness, and corrosion resistance.

Kraken Power has developed an alternative to traditional pressure housings with its own pressure-tolerant technology. Pressure-tolerant systems (PTS) work in a manner similar to pressure-compensated systems in which the components are exposed to hydrostatic pressure. However, the compensation liquid is replaced by incompressible elastomers such as silicone or polyurethane. As a result, the volume compensation requirement by liquid is no longer necessary, i.e. an oil compensator is no longer required. A proprietary vacuum technique enables the encapsulating polymers to be used at depths to 6000 meters.

Pressure-tolerant systems have a lower specific weight and a smaller volume in comparison to pressure or oil-compensated systems. They are corrosion resistant, require less maintenance and are thus cheaper to maintain.

Kraken Power has been working with this technology for many years, and through its acquired know-how, can now offer a variety of pressure-tolerant products and solutions for deep-sea applications and technology

If you are tiered of heavy PVs or endless oil mess, contact us, we will find a better solution for you!