We are

Eva Thiede

CEO, Managing Director

Eva worked a long time at the educational sector and expanded her skills with a degree as mediator and communications expert. In 2012, she was responsible for the technical documentation and marketing at ENITECH in Rostock, Germany. In 2017, she became CEO of Kraken Power, a 13-employee company and with an investment from Kraken Sonar System Inc., seated in Canada.


Dr. Carl Thiede

CTO, Founder

Carl spent 7 years at the Technical University of Berlin as an expert in mechatronic systems. As part of the University’s Mechanical Engineering Department, he was responsible for medical device engineering industrial projects. He later became responsible for pressure tolerant systems developments used in underwater robots. In 2011, Carl received his PhD on pressure tolerant applications in underwater robots. He subsequently worked at ENITECH as research and development engineer in Rostock, Germany, and in 2014 became CEO of the 28-employee company. In 2016 he founded ENITECH SUBSEA (“ENISEA”) a marine technology spin-off.   In 2017, ENISEA received a minority investment from Kraken Sonar Systems Inc. and was renamed Kraken Power.


Katharina Alm

CFO, Financial Management

After her successful study of business and administration Katharina started as an assistant to the management at a VR-Bank in Germany. In 2008 she moved to a large tourism company in the position of deputy head of controlling.  In this position, the supervision is responsible for a turnover of 300 million euros per year and cost monitoring of approximately 80 employees and about 50 travel agents. In 2016 she moved to an architect and engineering office in Rostock. There she headed the controlling department. Since March of 2018 she is a part of the success story of Kraken Power GmbH.


Bianca Souffrant

CCO, Quality and Marketing

Bianca worked at a bank before she went to Rostock to study English and American Studies at the Rostock University. Afterwards she worked at the Biomechanics and Implant Technology Research Laboratory (Forbiomit), which belongs to the University of Rostock. Subsequently she worked at the University Eye Department and the AKM Graal-Müritz before she went to be part of the Kraken family.


Johannes Niemeyer

Mechanical Design Engineer

Johannes graduated with a degree in engineering. Afterwards, he started working as an design engineer at Enitech GmbH. His scope of work included design and construction of batteries, electronic housings, electrical engines and vehicles for deep sea applications. Now he continues this scope of work at Kraken Power.


Henning Jürß

Electronical Engineer

Henning worked as an electronic technician aboard a nacal ship before he went to rostock to study electrical engineering. After graduation as a Dipl. Ing. he developed sensores for medical applications at the University of Rostock for a few years. Since january he is part of the Kraken family and works on electronics and thrusters.