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Kraken Power GmbH was founded in 2016, which is located in Bentwisch-Rostock. The company designs and manufactures unique pressure tolerant thrusters, drives, batteries, and electronics – made in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The marine business grew out of the PhD work of Dr. Carl Thiede. For the marine market drives, propulsion and power supply systems have been developed and sold to oil and gas commercial customers, research institutes, and defence contractors.

The aim was and is the development of an uncomplicated and economical technology for the construction and application of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems that withstand a hydrostatic pressure of 600 bar (equivalent to diving depths of approx. 6,000 m). Based on this technology, Kraken Power GmbH offers various electric drive systems with a power range from 100 W to 3.6 kW and energy supply systems based on lithium-polymer cells with a range of 1.6 kWh up to several MWh.


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SeaPower™ Batteries


The pressure-tolerant battery blocks are characterized by a novel, deep-sea repeatedly tested
design. The lithium-polymer cells are protected in durable silicone encapsulation, flexible but stable,
under pressure from the harmful influences of the seawater. This encapsulation and the
surrounding housing allow optimal cooling of the cells and protect from any mechanical influences.
The battery blocks need thanks to the consistent pressure-tolerant designs no pressure chambers.
This saves weight and cost.
Each battery pack has its own battery management system (BMS), which enables the user to monitor the status of the battery and the individual cells at any time. In case of an error, the system will shut down independently and immediately.
The battery blocks can be connected in series or in a modular series with banks,
to realize different capacity and voltage level.

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SeaThrust™ Thruster



The electrical Rim-Driven Thruster consist of an electric torque motor, which drives an inside
propeller. This configuration allows very skillfully,  along with the special power electronics,
precisely controllable relapses at a very high efficiency. The thruster is designed to be used in
water depths up to 6,000 m. By the consistent application of the pressure-tolerant technology the
thrusters are very robust and nearly maintenance-free. The thrusters are responsive, powerful
and easy to integrate and will provide a unique combination of ultra-compact power and high

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Pressure Tolerant Technologies


Pressure tolerant systems are those which the individual components are embedded in flexible polymers. The assemblies are cast with a special vacuum technology enabling the components to work in a deep-sea environment.
Pressure-tolerant systems have a lower specific weight and a smaller volume in comparison to pressure or oil-compensated systems. They are corrosion resistant, require less maintenance and are thus cheaper to maintain.
Kraken Power has been working with this technology for many years, and through its acquired know-how, can now offer a variety of pressure-tolerant products and solutions for deep-sea applications and technology
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